Kentucky WMU

Kentucky WMU equips women, men, girls, and boys to understand and be involved in the mission of God. Change a life and change the world!

Kentucky Heartland Outreach

With the help of volunteers, Kentucky Heartland Outreach seeks to provide safe, warm and dry homes to homeowners who could otherwise not afford such needed repairs.

Kentucky Changers

Kentucky Changers is a unique opportunity for students and adults to live out their faith during week-long camps focusing on exterior home repairs and community development projects. Connect with the KY Changers on Facebook.

Western Recorder

The Western Recorder has been the primary communications tool of Kentucky Baptists for more than 180 years. Now available online, the Western Recorder continues to expand its role in providing “practical resources for Christian living”.

Sunrise Children’s Services

Sunrise Children’s Services is a faith-based non-profit agency supported by Kentucky Baptists that has been caring for children and youth who have fallen victim to abuse or neglect since 1869. Every day the goal at Sunrise is to provide a place of refuge, hope, love, and healing to children whose lives have been devastated.

Oneida Baptist Institute

For over 100 years, Oneida Baptist Institute has been educating youth who, in many cases, have been struggling in their regular school or home settings. Oneida receives support from the Cooperative Program and donations from individuals and churches all across the state-allowing them to provide tuition reduction and scholarship programs for a majority of the student body.

*All referenced websites and organizations are provided for informational purposes only. The Allen Baptist Association does not necessarily endorse these organizations or resource providers; however, we want to provide you with access to the tools you need for successful ministry endeavors.

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